Cannabis strains, products,


recommendations, and reviews.

Cannabis strains, products, recommendations, and reviews.

Understanding our Review System.

Our intention is to make understanding the basics of cannabis quick and easy. Opinions and reviews are necessary for that purpose. We list out what is in the reviews so you understand why we ask for it.

User entries compiled.


On each strain and product page, cannabis users are able to list their opinions for what they use their cannabis for. These opinions are listed in different groups to make it easier for others to see the top reasons and effects people may experience.

Your opinions start here.


Here we give you the area to offer your opinion on everything you want to say about your cannabis strain or product that you use. We want to know the positives and negatives but mostly we want to know what works for you and why.

The form and method.


The form and method of your cannabis can help others find examples of what cannabis users use. Here you will click what type of cannabis form you use and how.

Conditions, Symptoms, and Effects.


Medicinally thoughtful opinions and reviews is the core of what we intend to make a platform for. Your opinions for what you use your cannabis product for is useful. Click which conditions and symptoms you use cannabis for and you can also share what, if any, other effects you may experience.

Discomfort Scale.


Give your discomfort/pain measurement on how you feel before using your cannabis for assistance and after your cannabis has taken effect. This will give all of us an understanding of how much cannabis is actually assisting you.

Good taste is better.


It is normal for people to pick something that tastes better than something that doesn’t. We want to know your opinion whether you like consuming your product because of the taste.

Product rating.


Even though we would rather know what works than what doesn’t, we want your opinion on how highly you think of your product. This portion has nothing to do with the store or delivery company you bought your product from. It only has to do with how well your product performed for you.

Which product did you use?


If you can, search for which product you used so that others can see which is being used.