Cannabis strains, products,


recommendations, and reviews.

Cannabis strains, products, recommendations, and reviews.

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Providing condensed tips and guidance highlights important aspects of cannabis-related information. Combined with cannabis product reviews, we are confident you will have a successful search for a product ideal to you.


Cannabis Intention is a platform for those looking for nonrecreational cannabis information without the hassle.

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Match multiple symptoms & conditions to cannabid strains.


It’s extremely common to have a condition and experience more than one symptom. Find cannabis strains by selecting all of your symptoms and conditions to narrow down the possible strains.

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Select the particular category that aligns with your interests, and explore our guide to discover products that may cater to your preferences.


Cannabis beverages range from teas, flavored drinks, tonics, and more.


Edibles have a huge variety from cookies, chips, nuts, gummies and more.


Tinctures are applied under your tongue, mixed into another drink, or on skin.


Prerolls and blunts come in a mixture of strains and can include concentrates.

Vape Cartridges

Vape & pod cartridges provide varius options, strain variety, and more.


Topicals come in a medley of products options and most do not make you high.

Disposable Vape

Disposable vaporizers are single use til empty, charged, and full of concentrate.


Cannabis capsules are precise, portable, and easily micro-dosed.

At Cannabis Intention, our mission is to offer concise, straightforward, and easily digestible information, so you get the understanding to consume and shop effectively.


Clear up any questions you may have by taking a look at these short guidelines to learn cannabis.

Strain Ratios  –  Find out what the number ratio on cannabis products mean.


Shopping Tips  –  Our suggested tips and opinions on shopping for cannabis products.


Micro Dosing  –  Figure out why it is beneficial to consume less at the beginning.


Common Knowledge  –  Browse all the cannabis starter information.