Cannabis strains, products,


recommendations, and reviews.

Cannabis strains, products, recommendations, and reviews.

Cannabis Intention is a platform for those looking for medicinal cannabis information without the hassle.

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Match multiple symptoms and conditions to cannabis strains.

It’s extremely common to have a condition and experience more than one symptom. Find cannabis strains by selecting all of your symptoms and conditions to narrow down the possible strains.

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Follow a short, guided search to finding a cannabis product you may like.

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Just like any shopping, there are several types of products to choose from. Choose which type of product you may be interested in and find some products in our guide that may match your interest.


Cannabis beverages range from tea, flavored drinks, tonics, and more.


Edibles are micro dosed in small amounts for controlled consumption.


Tinctures or sublingual’s offer precise dosing and a long shelf-life.


Prerolls or joints are fast acting and more versatile for more options.

Vape Cartridges

Vape cartridges provide easy access, portability, and many brand options.


Topicals do not get you high and are great for pain relief of all kinds.

Disposable Vape

Disposable vaporizers are single use, charged, and loaded with concentrate.


Cannabis capsules are precise, portable, and easily micro-dosed.

Introduction tutorials.

Clear up any questions you may have by taking a look at these short guidelines to know cannabis products.

Strain Ratios  –  Find out what the number ratio on cannabis products mean.


Shopping Tips  –  Our suggested tips and opinions on shopping for cannabis products.


Micro Dosing  –  Figure out why it is beneficial to consume less at the beginning.


Common Knowledge  –  Browse all the cannabis starter information.

Cannabis Information in a Simple and Easy Way.

If you don’t know the basics of cannabis, you are not alone. Cannabis Intention is dedicated to sharing short, simple, and easy to understand information to help you.